my day trip to tucson: a photo gallery

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to take a day trip to Tucson, Arizona. It consisted of a 2-hour “road trip”, a hockey game, some delicious lunch, and reconnecting with a friend! I spent my time in Downtown Tucson. I’ve been to Tucson before, but it was many years ago, so I don’t remember! I usually day trip up North to Flagstaff or Sedona, so heading South was a treat!

I recently treated myself to a new phone (iPhone 13 Pro, I used to have the iPhone XR) and decided to test out the camera! I’m normally not a photo fanatic. I once travelled to England to visit family for three weeks, visited 3+ cities/towns, and only took two photos (see right panel, bottom); one very touristy photo outside Buckingham Palace and another of a beautiful garden in the area. Although, I do have vivid memories of my time there. Here’re some photos I took:


the morning drive: phoenix to tucson

My Starbs Order: grande caramel macchiato with soy milk, Impossible breakfast sandwich, and a grande iced green tea lemonade.

The drive was rather desolate (Arizona is a desert, after all), and therefore I didn’t take many photos.

the hockey game

The reason for this day trip to Tucson was for a hockey game! My little brother plays hockey and I hadn’t been to a game all season, so I thought I’d head out and catch this one. The score was 11 to 1; my brother’s team won. This is a good time to remember that this is youth hockey and they’re still learning. The other team did great.

When it was over, there was a beautiful view from the parking garage.

sunset from tucson arena

(Faces have been blurred for privacy reasons.)


a yummy (meatless) meal

After the game, the team stopped at BJ’s for dinner. I ordered the spaghetti and we all shared some chips and salsa. The food was great!

There was so much leftover that I took it home and I cannot wait to dig in for lunch!

uofa vs asu hockey game

We were offered tickets to attend the University of Arizona vs. Arizona State University game as my brother’s team had played at the rink that afternoon, so we had went. Here’s two photos I took: one before the game started, and one at the first face-off. UofA won, 1-0.

Fun fact: UofA and ASU have a pretty big rivalry!

our day trip ended at tucson arena in the tucson convention center
uofa vs asu at tucson arena

the drive home: tucson to phoenix

And home at last! We started our two hour trek home. I had meant to take night route photos, but I passed out in the car. Oops!

what i packed with me


I’m so glad that I took photos! And, my, look at the quality on my new phone! I’m really excited to share these photos with all you! I’ll be traveling again, soon, and will makes sure to fill up my camera roll with photos and share another gallery for you all to enjoy.

Have any of you been to Tucson? What about Arizona in general? Comment your fave place to travel to. I’d love to hear!

Until next time!

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