my first month blogging goals: did i meet them?

Good morning, lovies! I hope you’re all doing well this chilly January morning. I’ve got my cup of coffee and I’m ready to dive into how my first month blogging has gone. I had set three blogging goals for myself before I published my first post. They were focused on views, subscribers, and income.

As a lifestyle and personal blogger, I cover all sorts of topics. I’ve talked about food, fashion, Etsy, wellness, and more. And I’m just getting started. I can’t wait to continuously grow my blog.

Here’re my 3 blogging goals and the answer to the nervy question: Did I meet them?

For reference, I’m considering November 24th – December 31st as a month, as I had published an introductory blog post on November 24th before officially starting the blog on December 1st.

goal: 1000 views

My blog’s been seen by people from 14 different countries (wow!) across North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

outcome: 827 views.
Did I meet my view goal? No.
over/under: -173 views.

I was so close and this makes me so excited about the potential of this blog!


goal: +4 subscribers

4 subscribers a month comes to around 1 subscriber a week. I thought this was a reasonable number and was confident I’d achieve it. For the month, I posted at least once a week on Wednesdays.

Again, as a lifestyle and personal blogger, I cover tons of topics. During that time, I had covered: travel, Etsy, blogging, fashion, food, and offered downloadables. I received 34 likes in total (thank you!) and 0 comments (comments listed are mainly pingbacks from other posts).

I looked forward, and still do, to bringing in many different readers across the different topics.

Side note: I have 16 subscribers from my early blogging ventures, 2017 – 2019.

outcome: +5 subscribers.
Did I meet my subscriber goal? Yes.
over/under: +1 subscriber.

Having met this goal is so exciting! I’m so eager to continue growing this blog and I’m so glad you’re all here!


goal: $100 income

Okay, so perhaps this goal was way out there for having just started a blog, but it gave me hope of what’s out there for me. And $100 isn’t too shabby (that’s enough to cover my monthly subscriptions). I consider my blog to have 3 sources of income: ads, affiliate marketing, and Etsy.

Ads are great because they provide me daily income, but they’re only a tiny amount. That’s because ads are dependent on views. Per 1,000 ad views a day, you get an X amount of income. And if you saw how my view goal went, you’d understand. Still, it was great to see – again – the potential that’s there as I continue blogging.

Total Ad Income: $0.47

Next, we have affiliate marketing. I use Amazon Associates; if I wouldn’t buy it and use it, I would never suggest for you to. Affiliate marketing isn’t based on views or clicks. It’s based on whether or not someone makes a purchase. If you do, I get a commission (at no extra cost to you).

Total Affiliate Income: $0.60

Last but not least is Etsy! I offer free downloadables here on the blog, but Etsy is where I take my business to sell premium downloads, printables, and (soon to be) courses! It’s a branch of the blog that I include in my income. I do not include my first Etsy shop as part of this.

Side note: maison numerique didn’t go live until December 18th. We received our first sale December 26th.

Total Etsy Income: $7.00
outcome: $8.07.
Did I meet my income goal? No.
over/under: -$91.93.

Whew! Okay, so, like I said, it was far out there. Still pretty stoked I met 8% of my goal!


what’s next: three months

The next goal I’m setting for this blog will come to an end in three months (January – March), so expect another one of these blogs in April. What blogging goals I setting for myself?

3,000 views / 1,000 a month / 33 a day
+15 subscribers / +5 a month / 1 a week
$300 income / $100 a month / $4 a day

I’ve decided to keep the same goals I held myself to previously. This is due to the fact that, sans subscribers, I didn’t meet them, and would like to try again. For my subscriber goal, I’ve decided that +5 a month is a steady goal to work towards to every month as I had hit it within my first month.

I’ll continue to keep growing my blog by posting twice a week and keeping up with social media (my socials are always available on the right panel!). You, too, can help the blog grow by sharing it on socials and such (quick sharing is always available on the right panel!).

I’m so excited that I’ve finished my first month of blogging. I can’t wait to continue and grow and I hope you all stay for the ride.


Hi, I’m Jade Madison!

When I am blogging, I work to bring you quality lifestyle and personal content, as well as printables to make your life easier.


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