sorry for the inconvience! (blog update)

Jade Madison here! I wanted to quickly write an apology for the craziness the blog has been today (and maybe for the next day or two).

I’m currently switching themes on the blog for a cleaner and fresher look. The homepage, about, contact, blog, and downloadables pages are all perfected into the theme. It’s slow going getting the actual blog content on theme. I’m aware that some text is practically the same color as the background and am actively working to fix that. It’ll just take a bit!

You may have gotten a bunch of notifications/emails earlier about me publishing random blog posts – ignore those. This is the only real one! Those random blog posts were theme example posts and don’t actually contain any real content.

There aren’t any broken links on the site which I’m highfiving myself for.

Just issues with reading the blog posts. Newer posts will be updated first.

If you run into any issues that aren’t listed above (aka unreadable text) please let me know! I’ll be busy the next few days getting the blog perfected. Just bear with me!

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!

I’ll post another blog post when I’ve completed my switch. 

The blog will remain open throughout the process.


Hi, I’m Jade Madison!

When I am blogging, I work to bring you quality lifestyle and personal content, as well as printables to make your life easier.

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