jade madison has a fresh new look! (blog update)

Hi, hey! Jade Madison here! If you read the last blog update, you know that the blog has been a construction zone the past week. If not, the blog has been a construction zone the past week.

I updated the blog’s theme and, while there were no broken links (still highfiving myself!), a lot of the text switched colors and became unreadable. I had to go into each post and fix the colors, and updated some fonts/design as well.

I’m in love with the blog’s new look! It’s a lot cleaner than the last and feels like a breath of fresh air. Here’s what’s new on the blog:


updated homepage

Right when you enter jade madison, you’re greeted with a tiny about section (this is also what’s found on the right side panel of all blog posts), social and store links, as well as two buttons – read the blog or browse downloadables. I love having this be the first thing. I feel it makes the blog feel personal.

When you scroll down, you see 6 of the latest blog posts and the featured post. Past that is a subscriber sign-up, and the lastest downloadables.

The header features links to the blog, downloadables, about, and contact. jade madison is your home button, and on the right hand side are social and store links. The footer has links for home, about, contact, affiliate disclosure, and socials and stores. There is also an email sign up. 

Finally! A functional homepage!

an organized blog page

Catch up on all things jade madison on the blog page! I sorted posts into categories where you can see what’s the latest, what’s featured, and browse all of our posts. Categories are also visible at the end of each blog post.

As well, on individual blog posts, the featured image is hidden. No more scrolling past to read!


new about + contact pages

more ways to engage

At the end of each blog post, you can choose how you want to engage. Not only can you sign up for our newsletter, but you can “clap” to like the post (requires no sign in), share it to your socials, and even drop a comment (“keep the conversation going”).

Further at the end, you can share to your socials and and like the post (requires sign in).


So there you have it! A fresh new look! 

I’m so happy with how this turned out! Thank you for your patience and understanding as I touched up the blog. 

Happy reading!

Hi, I’m Jade Madison!

When I am blogging, I work to bring you quality lifestyle and personal content, as well as printables to make your life easier.


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