lonely on valentine’s day: how to shift the focus from romance to self-love

Ah, Valentine’s. The time where couples get extra couple-y and every store in sight seems to emphasise being in a relationship. That’s okay. But it leaves us singles feeling a tad bit lonely. All those aisles of teddy bears and chocolates…it can be exhausting.

In recent years, there’s been emphasis on Galentine’s, aka spending Valentine’s Day with your friends when you’re single/your partner is unavailable. This is such a great idea. Love Day shouldn’t just be about your partner. It should be a day of love and gratitude. Getting your friends together to express the joy of friendship is just that.

But the meaning shouldn’t stop there. It’s important to take care of ourselves. And with a day emphasised on love, who says you can’t make it all about you?

This post will show you 10 ways on how to shift the focus from romance to self-love this Valentine’s Day (and makes for a pretty well off guide on showing self-love any time).

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10 ways to shift the focus

1. take a bubble bath

2. get pampered

Perhaps you just want to be pampered. Take a trip to the nail salon, get your hair done, or even go for that massage or facial you’ve always wanted. Most of these take around an hour, and are perfect if you have a busy schedule that day.

3. watch your fave show/movie

4. order in a nice meal

All that cooking for yourself can get exhausting. Skip the dishes and order in a nice meal from your favorite restaurant, or that upscale one you’ve been meaning to try. Or just run through the drive through to indulge. It’s so nice not to cook for yourself. Give yourself a treat.

5. sleep in (+ wear comfy pjs)

Get comfy and drift off to sleep in your comfiest pjs (or birthday suit; no judgement here!). And make sure you forget your alarms! Start your day with a nice, full rest. You deserve sleep.

Still have to get up early? Take a nap when you get the chance. Again, you deserve sleep.


6. get together with friends

If you want to go the Galentine’s route, get together with some of your friends. Groupon always has great deals. You can go out to dinner, catch a movie, take a pottery or painting class, or even just get together at someone’s place for a day of fun. You can even do a Valentine’s version of Secret Santa (Secret Cupid, anyone?) and trade small gifts. Love all around!

7. buy yourself flowers (or a different gift)

The ultimate treat yourself. If flowers are your thing, go ahead and grab that bunch from the grocers! If they’re not, get something on your wishlist. Even if it’s something small. Or big. Like a new plant, perhaps?! It’s a day all about you. Get what you want.

8. take yourself on a date

Another great option is to take yourself out on a date. Forget activities for 2. Dress up and head to that skwany place you’ve been dying to go to. Museums, art galleries, restaurants, and so much more are open to you.

9. go for a walk/hike

10. practice mindfulness + gratitude

Sometimes all we need is to just take a step back and center ourselves. Love Day is a great day to practice mindfulness and gratitude. Some ways to do this are: journaling, mediatating, and yoga. It clears the mind and makes you appreciate even the littlest of things. And this is important on Valentine’s Day.


There you have it! 10 ways to practice self-love this Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to feel lonely this holiday. Often, all we need is ourselves and, truly, that’s enough.

Have anything to add to this list? Comment below!

Happy Love Day!

Take care of yourselves.

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