unpublished drafts: i got accepted by my dream school

Hi lovies! I hope you’re all doing well! I recently cleared out my old drafts and found one from 2019 that makes my heart swell with joy and happiness. Written three years ago, I love that I thought to capture all the rush of adrenaline that came with in those moments of being accepted by my dream school.

I decided to share it with all of you and add a bit more about it. Here’s my unpublished draft (well…my now published blog post)!


i got accepted by my dream school

unpublished draft: ~June 2019

EEK! I promise you did not read that wrong! I thought I did, too, when I found out! The number of times I have reread my acceptance and watched the video I recorded of my reaction is unreal. It has been over two months and I am still scrambling to get a grasp on this!

For two months, this has been my little “secret” you could say. I’ve kept it in house with my family and my close friends for about a week, and my mother announced it to the rest of my family about two weeks in. The first month consisted of lots of anxiety, me being a chicken with its head cut loose, and lots of questions regarding money (ugh!).

The second month brought even more stress among us all. Tuition deadline was closing in. There was even more anxiety, chickens, and questions! We were racing to get it paid in time (as well as find plane tickets – which is a WHOLE other story) without any financial aid. All I had was some people who greatly helped me out, but there was still a lot more to pay!

While I was forever excited and grateful, I didn’t want to put it into the universe myself. I didn’t want to tell the whole word this news until I knew for a fact I was going. To be accepted is one thing. To actually get to go is another. For me personally, this is a big deal.

Before we begin, let’s start with two facts: Syracuse University is the school I can only dream of getting into. I also want to double major in university and one of those is forensics.

On April 2nd, in the middle of doing my school work, I received an email. It was Syracuse University accepting my admission for Forensics at Summer College. A six-week course I could only dream of being accepted to.

Just one week earlier, I was sending off my application to a program (and a school) I figured didn’t want me. My transcripts alone are enough to make universities look at me and laugh. My grades aren’t bad (A’s and B’s) but there are a lot of W’s – withdrawals. There hasn’t been one high school in the five I’ve gone to that have been right for me. I figured to them my back and forth would be a sign of indecisiveness and inability to commit. In reality, it has been based on my health.

So, of course, when I received the acceptance, I was in complete and utter shock. Sure, it was just six weeks, but I had my mind set on being denied. It’s a big deal to be given such an opportunity.

The last two months have been an undeniable amount of anxiety, filled with the fear of not getting to go. Of course, though, I wouldn’t have written this if I wasn’t going.

With all that mess said, I’m pleased to finally get to say this:

I’ve been accepted to Syracuse University’s Summer College program for Forensic Science – and I’m on my way right now!


finally publishing

Whew! Three years later and I’ve finally shared such an exciting moment with all of you!

I have no idea why I hadn’t shared it in the first place. I was blogging at the time and actually sharing about being at Syracuse, so it’s mystery that remains at large. Nevertheless, I’m so happy to be sharing it now! Every time I read it over and over, I can’t help but grin.

Syracuse University was my dream school. And I got in.

It’s also funny to read this because, as you read, I wanted to double major. Those majors were Forensics and Biology during the time where I wanted to be a forensic biochemist working for the FBI. As a matter of fact, though, when I actually attended college, I was double majoring in biology and biomedical sciences with plans to go to med school and become a neonatologist (NICU doctor). Which makes me laugh even more when I come to say that I actually want to go to college for marketing and advertising whenever I return. 

Yes. I went from sciences to business. It makes me giggle.

Yet, it’s not so far fetched. 

There was a time where I wanted to be an actor. There was also a time I wanted to be a violinist and study at Juilliard to later perform in the New York Symphony. From there, it was a forensic anthropologist to a forensic biologist then a forensic biochemist, neonatologist, and now…marketer.

So, basically, I’ve dabbled around literally everything and stand before you as a blogger.

But back on track! When it was time for me to study at college, I attended Marymount Manhattan College for biology and biomedical sciences before leaving and ultimately decided to not return. I had a half scholarship but it was still way too expensive, especially given classes were online (2020) and I was forking out $2,500 a month. I didn’t have that type of money for school.

And if you’re wondering if I got into SU for a Bachelor’s, I did not. I applied Early Decision but my high school counselor didn’t send in a paper when I had asked her to multiple times (it was something she had to sign) and it wasn’t made known to me until after SU made their decisions that she never did it. So, I was never rejected, but never accepted. My application probably was never seen. I guess that’s why these are called “dream schools”.


I no longer attend college even though my mother likes to tell everyone I do. It’s embarrassing and upsetting because I just haven’t found the education path for me and constantly lying about it for her makes me feel bad about myself.

I know for a fact that I want to go to college. That’s non-negotiable in my life. I know for a fact that I want to return to Manhattan. That’s also non-negotiable. But I don’t think I want to attend lectures for four years straight and overspend when there’s a national student debt crisis. In fact, I think I want to go to community college for two year and get my Associate’s and finish my Bachelor’s online. 

I don’t know. Whatever happens, happens. Whatever I decide, I decide.

I’m just glad that I had the opportunity to attend Syracuse University for a semester and that I blogged about the excitement of getting accepted and going!

This is an unpublished draft I’m glad to get out.


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