three days in (el paso) texas

Ah, Texas. The second craziest state after Florida. Everything is to be bigger and better in Texas – right?! 

I just got back from Illinois, Colorado, and spent three days in El Paso and I have some thoughts. While I wasn’t driving 6 and a half hours with high hopes to be super busy, I definitely didn’t expect to be unimpressed. At least this unimpressed.


friday: day one

We drove from Arizona, across the entire state of New Mexico, and parked our car in none other than El Paso, Texas. The drive consisted of small towns and desert. I even saw a tumbleweed at one point and it made me feel like I was in a Western movie. As in, I didn’t realise they actually existed and just rolled on by like that.

Wyndham El Paso Airport and Waterpark

I have conflicted thoughts on this hotel. The lobby is newly upgraded and incredibly nice which makes you think, wow, it’s even better than the photos! Yet, a walk down the hall and things feel a bit sketchy.

The halls weren’t the cleanest and at certain points, the carpet was coming up from the floor. The elevators made those scary, creaking noises that make you want to rather take the stairs (and at one point, one of the elevators stopped working). As well, the super dim lighting kind of gave of horror/psycho-thriller movie vibes. It also reeked of weed on the first night and the smell gives me such a bad headache. 

The staff was nice and welcoming, though, and we even got upgraded to a suite. We were excited because of our long drive. The suite had a living area with a 2-bed bedroom, bathroom, a kitchenette, and super thin walls. It was overall clean until I decided to take the couch bed so we would each have one. As I pulled down the sheets and began to make the bed, I noticed the sheet was dirty and stained – presumably from the last guest. It grossed me out, and I ended up taking a bed in the bedroom.

The bedroom suite.

I also had to unexpectedly do laundry while I was there as I had spilt coffee on my clothes. The laundry was two buildings away and only 3 machines (one washer, two dryers) were working. There also wasn’t anywhere to get change, so I had to find a vending machine for quarters. When I pulled my clothes out of the washer, I noticed either dog or cat hair all over my hoodie. I totally get it’s a public laundry but I don’t think the machines ever get cleaned. Eek!

All in all, I would not stay here again and wouldn’t recommend it unless you absolutely have to stay close to the airport.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

For dinner, we ordered take out from a Mexican restaurant that was recommended to us as the place to go. This is a good place to pause and say that I’m from Arizona. We have a lot of great and authentic Mexican food around, so I have pretty high standards when it comes to it, even if it’s a simple bean and cheese burrito.

Which I ordered. With a side of rice. And was sadly unimpressed with. The rice was more of a kid’s side and the burrito was…well, it was basically just a tortilla. The chips and salsa were okay.

I was super bummed out about it. The whole meal felt like something I could have made myself. Or, dare I say, got from Taco Bell (I know! I know!).

Rating: 1 out of 5.

saturday: day two

The day got started at night with a hockey game. It was great and I enjoyed my time there. After, we all grabbed dinner. The plan was to go to L & J’s, but they were so packed we had to abort the mission.

Time for Mexican food again! This place was so, so yummy and so, so busy! You can tell the locals loved it! We tried all the salsas at the salsa bar and just about all of them hit the spot. Those that got drinks loved them. Our dinner was aboslutely fantastic! 

I ordered the green enchiladas. They were very spicy and oh, so good! I think I’m craving them again!

The only thing, though, is that we ate with plastic utensils. As someone who appreciates efforts towards sustainability, I was greatly disappointed with the throwaway forks and spoons (there weren’t any knifes) – especially when the real silverware was within plain view.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Nevertheless, we ended our night at Baskin Robbins were I grabbed a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream! And as someone with peanut and treenut allergies, I really appreciated how they kept the ice creams containing such away from the allergy-friendly ones. Such a neat thing I really wanted to share!


sunday: day three

On Sunday, I think we were just really ready to get out there. There wasn’t much to do in El Paso aside from go to the zoo and shop, as per the locals – and we didn’t want to do that. So, we basically spent our three days in the hotel.

Passing into New Mexico! I unfortunately was sleeping when we passed into Texas and Arizona, so this is the only state sign I captured.
A sign at a rest stop in Lordsburg.

A quick stop for gas and breakfast at Dunkin and we were back on the road for our 6 and a half hour drive.

So, the question lingers…

Did I enjoy my time in Texas? No. 

Will I return? Perhaps. 

Not to El Paso, no, but it’d be nice to see more of the “popular” places of Texas like Dallas, Houston, or even Austin. I don’t think I’d go alone though. I would definitely bring some girlfriends to get all dressed up for a Texan weekend. I think Texas could be a really fun place. It just unfortunately wasn’t for this trip.

And as I type this up, I’m playing a game of maybe, maybe not on going away again soon. Can you guess where?!

Until next time.


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