my etsy shop got featured on buzzfeed + the today show!

Hi and hey! You read the title right – my Etsy shop got featured on both The Today Show and Buzzfeed and I’m here to give you the low down on everything from how to happened to how it affected my shop.

First off, though, I want to make clear that this isn’t a sponsorship of either The Today Show or Buzzfeed. Simply, my shop got featured and I want to share about all of it.

Secondly, here’s a bit of background info on my Etsy shop. I have two – shop jade vella (reusable goods) and maison numerique (digital goods). The former is what was featured twice across these sites! I started the shop in December 2020 and it took off around May 2021. 

My Today Show feature came December 2021. My Buzzfeed arrived February 2022.

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The Today Show Feature

How I found out

Perhaps one of the best ways to find out, I was messaging a potential customer about their order. Somewhere in the conversation, they had mentioned they were purchasing because they found my product on The Today Show and even sent a screenshot! I immediately googled “shopjadevella the today show” and boom! There it was!

My product for all to see.

Everyone knows The Today Show even if you don’t watch! Hoda and Jenna!

I was so excited! Like, excitement doesn’t even describe what I felt. It was so crazy to see my shop on a well know site/show.

Did it affect my sales and views?

Despite my excitement, I didn’t notice any change in sales. Although, I had just finished my holiday rush on the 14th where I had shipped out probably 100+ orders in the span of 2-3 weeks for the holidays. I discovered The Today Show feature on that same day.

It did prompt 81 views, though.

Proof of Feature

shopjadevella custom clear milk carton
Here's 25 products that went viral on TikTok this year — and they make great gifts

From dresses and beauty products to cozy home goods and games, these viral TikTok gifts will steal the holiday show.

By Megan duBois and Cassidy McKenna
Clear milk carton water bottles have been trending on TikTok lately with people using them for everything from water to boba tea. Each bottle is customizable. Getting the giftee's name on it in different colors, fonts and textures is a fun way to make the trend more personal.

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Buzzfeed Feature

How I found out

I was working on the blog and (spoiler!) a future course, when I realised I had received 4 sales in 30 minutes. The most sales I’ve ever had in a day is 11 – and that during the holiday rush. Without the holiday rush, the most I’ve had is 6 in a day. So, 4 in 30 minutes was peculiar.

I decided to google the shop. Right there, on the 2nd page of the Google results, was a brand new, 7-hour-old article from Buzzfeed. What?!

I was so stoked about this feature because I read Buzzfeed all the time. (And I’ve definitely purchase a thing or two or ten from their articles.)

Did it affect my sales?

Obviously, I received 4 in 30 minutes. But I was not ready for what the day entailed. I received 392 views and 17 sales, equating to ~$216. My most ever in less than one day. I even hit my 600th sale!

This is not counting the days’ after sales or views.

I was both greatly overwhelmed and thankful by the sales coming in. If you the math, a full-time, 9 to 5 job at the minimum wage for my state comes to only $97.20 for the day’s work. I made over twice that, being able to pay an upcoming bill with money left over from the sales. It was astonishing and I still can’t believe how much this Buzzfeed feature affected my shop.

Proof of Feature

37 Things To Buy If You've Recently Said "I Should Treat Myself"

Your room deserves this TikTok-famous sunset lamp's vibes ☀️.

By Emma Lord
A customized acrylic milk carton water bottle so adorable that — gasp?? — you might actually *remember* to stay adequately hydrated during the day!!
Shop Jade Vella is an Arizona-based, woman-owned Etsy shop established in 2020 that specializes in eco-friendly, sustainable products like water bottles and tote bags. 

Promising review: "How stinkin' CUTE!! I absolutely love the three that I got for me and my girls and cannot wait to give them to them! Shop owner was so kind and took great care of my order. Will definitely order from this shop again!" —Maddison Askins

Get it from Shop Jade Vella on Etsy for $12 (available in dozens of colors and eight fonts).

Wow, wow, wow! Shoutout Today Show; shoutout Buzzfeed. Thanks for the exposure!

I don’t think many people realise the impact things like this have on small businesses and independent shops. We work our hardest and more, so even just sharing what we has a big impact on us. Whether it’s 80 views or ~400 views, 1 sale or 15+ sales.

Lots of happy dances have been danced.

Thank you!

hi, i’m jade madison!

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