my 3-month blogging goals: did i meet them?

A Monday post?! Yes, and hi!

This month and last have gotten away from me and I’ve been in a funk. So, this Monday post makes up for the Friday I missed. Of which, I need to get back into the groove and schedule posts!

As a lifestyle blogger, I cover all sorts of topics, making it a tad bit hard to run out of ideas. I’ve talked about so many things – food, fashion, Etsy, wellness, and more. And there’s still so much I haven’t covered!

In my previous blogging goals post, I wrote about my one month goals. You can read all about that (and whether or not I achieved them), here.

Now, it’s time for a 3-month check up. From December 1st to February 28th, did I meet my blogging (views, subscribers, and income) goals?


goal: 3,000 views

3,000 views equates to 1,000 views a month, or 33 views a day.

I thought it was a good number as I racked up exposure across social media. I made an Instagram, Pinterest, and a Twitter. During these three months, I’ve only utilised Pinterest and Twitter. I wrote about my love-hate relationship with social media, of which you can read, here. And that relationship is, unfortunately, still going. I haven’t had the guts to post on Instagram for the blog.

These last three months had a near equivalent of attracting views through Pinterest and WordPress. There have only been few from Twitter. I aim to post on Pinterest 1 – 6 times a week which are scheduled beforehand, and my Twitter is automatically linked to the blog to tweet when a new post is published.

My blog has been seen by people from 29 different countries (uhm, what?!) across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

Decemeber Views: 827
Janaury Views: 274
February Views: 196

outcome: 1,297 views
did i meet my goal?: -1,703 views

I didn’t even get near my goal which really breaks my heart. In all honesty, it’s quite discouraging to see that. Especially in considering the decline in views monthly. Upon looking back, though, I must take note of how I was utilizing Pinterest Ads December through January, and February was solely organic.

Perhaps this goal was too ambitious for me still just starting out. I’ll have to look at what I’m able to do, and reevaluate.


goal: +15 subscribers

+15 subscribers equates to 5 subscribers a month, or 1 a week.

Considering I hit my goal of +4 in my one month review, I decided to up the goal to +5. In posting twice a week, I figured it was a nice, steady number to attract readers to the blog.

Again, as a lifestyle and personal blogger, I cover tons of topics. During this time, I had covered: blogging, Etsy, fashion, food, travel, wellness, and more. Not to mention, offered downloadables/printables.

I received 158 likes (thank you!) and 5 comments (hi!).

I looked forward to, and still do, in bringing many different readers across the various topics. (And it’s never too late to subscribe to the blog!)

December Readers: +5
January Readers: +7
February Readers: +5

outcome: +17 subscribers
did i meet my goal?: +2 subscribers

In total, the blog has 51 readers (hi, everyone!). Think of it this way: you’re giving a lecture and there are 51 people in attendance. 51 people stopping by to listen to what you have to say. That’s a lot!

Hitting this goal a second time is very exciting!

I’m tremendously grateful to all of you, so thank you.


goal: $300 income

$300 equates to $100 a month or $4 a day.

Okay, so perhaps this goal is still way out there for having just started a blog. There’s hope, yes, but it’s quite a ways out there. I didn’t meet my $100 goal for my one-month, so what made me think I’d meet it this time around?

Well, I was wary. But open to the possibility!

I have 3 sources of income for my blog: ads, affiliate marketing, and Etsy. Ads are dependent on views. You get a nice few cents per 1,000 views. There’s potential, but, again, look at how my view goal went. Affiliate income comes from me recommending products, and you can read my full disclosure, here. Last but not least, I offer premium download and printables on Etsy. I do not include my first Etsy shop as part of this.

Ads Income: $0.69
Affiliate Income: $0.60
Etsy Income: $13.00

outcome: $14.29
did i meet my goal?: -$285.71

Yeah. Far out there.

I’ll definitely be reevaluating this goal.


next goal: six months

The next goal I’m setting for this blog will come to an end in three months as I look back from December to May, so expect another one of these posts in June! What am I setting for myself, you ask?

Well, I had to take a hard look at the goals I was setting.

3,000 views / 500 a month / 17 a day

+30 subscribers / +5 a month / 1 a week

$300 income / $50 a month / $2 a day

I’ve decided to keep my subscribers goal as I had met it, whereas, after looking at the other two, I decided to lower my views and income goal. Perhaps I was reaching too far.

I’ve dropped my goal view to 3,000 in six months. This comes to 17 a day of which, with the proper networking and marketing, I believed I can reach – or near reach – this goal.

I’ve also dropped my income goal to $300 in six months, or $2 a day. With an emphasis on my Etsy shop for premium downloads, I certainly believe I can accomplish this. I just need to put my mind to it!

I’ll continue to grow the blog by posting twice a week (Wednesday and Friday), keeping up with social media, and sending out fornightly newsletters, which you can sign up for, here, or below this post, or in the right hand panel. You, too, can help grow the blog by liking, commenting, subscribing, and even sharing on socials and such.

I’m excited to have started my blogging journey, and I can’t wait to see where it will take me!


hi, i’m jade madison!

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