i’ve been in a funk (life update)

And just like the title says, I’ve been in a funk.

It’s been a weird few days stuck in my head. A mental exhaustation ever present in my head.

I’ve tried my best remedies – taking a warm shower, moving my body, putting on some good music, eating a good meal, taking a nice nap, and even getting out of the house. 

Nothing has worked.

I forced myself to clean out my closet the other day, thinking maybe I just needed a push to do something. Nope. I’ve been trying to do the hardest task of the day first. That didn’t work, either. Instead, all I’ve managed to do is lay in bed, watching Sherlock, with a coffee in hand whilst attempting to type up blog posts.

When I pick up my pen, I can’t quite seem to journal. Even typing this, my mind often goes blank.

Needless to say, it’s been a very long few days.

Usually I fall into funks at random times, but I have my suspicions as to why this time around. 

I’ve been doing something I quite can’t say just yet (will have a blog post about this coming May when I can talk about it) that has worn me down in ways I couldn’t ever imagine. I come home and want to sleep for months. Sometimes, it keeps me up at night, and therefore, I’ve not been getting much sleep, which only makes the funk worse. The most motivation I’ve right now is looking forward to May when it’ll all be presently over.

Because it’s one of those funks, I’ve just been trying to take it easy and rest. I feel like if I were to try to force myself out of this, I’d only make it worse.

In terms of productivity, the only productive thing I’ve done within the past few days is sign back up for Curology. I was on it ~2 years ago and it cleared up my skin (!) but went off it when I needed to financially focus elsewhere. But my skin has just gotten worse and worse without it, so, given that it’s worked for me, I’ve decided to get back on it. I’m excited to get my new formula and I’ll definitely be blogging about my progress this time around.

Not only am I excited for that, but in June, I’ve two concerts I’m attending to of which, again, I’ll be blogging about.

I really wish I was going with someone, though. I know I’ll have fun regardless, but I’ve really been wanting to get out and make friends. These past two years have been so weird and so lonely. And now that the world’s opening up again, I realise how lonely I’ve been and that I’ve no idea how to make friends. It’s so weird!

It’s like, how do I be a functioning person again? Right?!

On a completely random note, Harry Styles is coming out with a new album soon and I’m so hyped! I’ve been completely enamoured with his solo work. And somehow, I’ve missed his concerts not once, but twice! If/when he tours his third album, I refuse to miss it – even if I’m up in the nosebleeds.

But anyhow, I just wanted to get this out there. And perhaps, I’ll copy it into my journal as an entry.

I look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel and getting out of this funk.


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