5 non-religious + secular ways to celebrate easter

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April showers bring May flowers! And this year, April also brings Easter!

Ah, Easter.

It’s the holiday that officially says goodbye Winter and hello Spring! The time the stores fill with baskets, chocolates, bunnies, and eggs of all colours and designs! Not to mention the great supply of gardening supplies for the Spring season.

Easter isn’t celebrated by everyone and those that celebrate do it differently – on two different dates. Those that follow Christian religions are celebrating April 17th this year, while those with the Eastern Orthodox Church are celebrating a week later, on the 24th.

Despite its major Spring-vibes with chocolate bunnies, Easter traditionally commemorates the ressurection of Jesus. Leading up Easter, you’ve probably heard of Lent, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, etc, as it’s an extremely religious holiday for many.

For those that perhaps aren’t as religious, or want to gather for a family day, you don’t have to go to Mass or fast for 40+ days. Here are 5 non-religious (secular) ways to celebrate Easter:


have an easter egg hunt

A big hit with the little ones, you can make this fun for all ages. Grab a pack of reusable Easter eggs and fill with prizes. Candy and toys, even perhaps cash and lottery tickets. Use golden eggs to hide bigger prizes like a $20/$50/$100 bill or redeeming notes, such as: Take this to [host] for a new video game/pair of headphones/etc!

To create fairness amongst the little ones so they don’t feel it’s unfair, you can use a single egg colour for one and keep the same prizes for all the kiddos. The joy and thrill of a scavenger hunt will still be so much fun!

Great places to hide eggs are: bushes/trees, in couches and furniture, pantry/fridge, mailbox, shoes/pockets, out in the open/mixed in with Easter décor.

dye and decorate eggs

And make devilled eggs while you’re at it!

Boil some eggs (preferrably white) and grab some food dye. Drop the boiled eggs into the color dye of your choice for a fun, brightly coloured egg or have fun adding stickers and painting them. Since they’re hardboiled, you can eat them after your festivities.

Don’t want to use real eggs? You can opt for reusable eggs that open or wooden eggs for personalised Easter décor. Decorate them however you’d like for a fun Easter activity for all ages.

host dinner with your loved ones

Say hello to Spring and celebrate Easter with a dinner. Select a coursed meal, or choose a potluck style. Add a charcuterie board or two and don’t forget the deviled eggs! If you’ve got nice weather, don’t be afraid to take dinner outside as days get longer.

This is a great time to catch up with friends and family as school years prepare to end and vacation gets planned.

Dinner also sets a great tone for all day festivities. You can have an egg hunt just before and exchange small gifts (Easter baskets) after.

exchange easter baskets

Easter baskets are a great way to exchange small and fun gifts. They can be themed baskets or mismatched to the receiver’s lifestyle. Some themed baskets are: gardening supplies (packed in a pot/planter), sports (packed in a container bin), beachwear (packed in a tote bag).

If someone is trying to declutter this time of year, an edible gift basket, a bouquet of tulips, or an experience (gift card, tickets, etc) are equally fantastic.

Instead of plastic Easter-themed baskets/buckets that won’t serve much use outside of the holiday, opt for tote bags or container bins, aka something that can be used year round!

prepare a spring garden

And in the name of Spring, garden! Plant flowers, fruits, veggies or finally get those rooted houseplant clippings into a pot.

Gardening a great way to practice mindfulness and Easter is the perfect chance to start one. Your local Home Depot and/or Lowe’s should have everything you need.

Gardening on a budget? Check out dollar stores! They usually have an array of gardening supplies – and seeds! – available during the Springtime.


Easter is foremost a wonderful way to reconnect with the loved ones in your life. It can be easy to get lost in the New Year. Take this time to reach out to those in your life.

It’s also a great time to mention to not purchase live bunnies for an Easter Bunny unless you plan on keeping said bunny as a pet. Bunnies deserve loving homes when taken out of their natural habitat, and shouldn’t be purchased for one night’s entertainment.

Happy Easter!

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