5 essential oil combos you’ll love

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Essential oils are popular in the holistic world. They’re known to have some pretty well-off abilities individually. Take lavender, for example, known for it’s soothing and calming abilities. But have you ever tried creating essential oil combos?

Whether you’re looking for a sleep aid or want an extra umph when cleaning, there’s a combo for everything!

Grab your oils, some water, and a diffuser. Here are 5 essential oil combos you need to add to your wellness routine (and will love!):


    essential oils for cleaning

    You’ve made the switch from harsh chemical cleaners to all natural cleaners safe for you and your home. The lovely scents in your home don’t have to be full of harsh chemicals, too. In fact, essential oils are perfect for a harmless way to bring nice scents.

    grapefruit, lemon, + orange

    grapefruit, lemon, + orange

    Grapefruit, lemon, and orange aren’t just wonderful citrus fruits. When they’re essential oils, you can place a few drops into a diffuser with some water and let the diffuser do the work in filling your home or room with a lovely fresh and clean scent.

    Both grapefruit and lemon have antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. An added bonus!

    Try: 10x grapefruit, lemon, 5x orange.

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    essential oils for focus + concentration

    Sometimes it can be hard to focus on work or school. You’ve tried everything and every method. But have you really? Throwing some oils into your diffuser can be just the trick you didn’t know you needed!

    lemon + peppermint

    Lemon and peppermint essential oils can fill your room and office with a clean way to bring about your focus and concentration. Peppermint is wonderful to help both relax and uplift one’s mood. Lemon can help you to be alert.

    Combo so good, you can say bye to that caffeine an hello to these essential oils.

    Try: 10x lemon, peppermint.

    lemon + peppermint

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    essential oils for a good night’s sleep

    Getting to sleep can be a chore. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to toss and turn all night and wake up groggy. This combo will not only help you get to sleep, but wake up refreshed.

    eucalyptus + lavender

    eucalyptus + lavender

    This tried and true essential oil combo is everything. There’s a reason lavender is put so high on a pedastal. It can help to relieve insomnia and relaxes the body.

    Did you know that eucalyptus is great at making you breath easy? Ease snoring while putting a stop to any stubborn sniffles or coughs.

    Try: 10x eucalyptus, lavender.

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    essential oils for mood + energy lifting

    Perhaps you’re feeling a bit down or out of it. You’ve tried the groovy music and heartful comedies. But have you tried this oil combo? It’s a great way to lift your mood and put some pep in your step!

    orange + peppermint

    We know orange is great for cleaning and peppermint is great for focus but these two oils mixed together are great for your mood and energy.

    Orange oil is perfect for reducing stress while peppermint works to relax and uplift you. So, basically a win-win situation.

    Try: 10x orange, peppermint.

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    essential oils for alleviating cold symptoms

    Cold season may be officially over but allergy season is in! With everything blossoming and blooming, you may come to get a little sniffly and sick and those allergy meds are being beaten by Mother Nature. Try this!

    eucalyptus, lavender, + tea tree

    This powerful combo is exactly what you need. Eucalyptus oil works to relieve coughs and aid in breathing easier (it’s also the key ingredient in the holy grail VapoRub!) while lavender takes a swing at nauseaua and headaches and tea tree oil soothes inflammation and boosts healing.

    Getting back to 100% for the win!

    Try: 5x eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree.

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    Looking for the perfect diffuser? This one is perfect! (It’s the exact one I’ve owned for the past two years and it works like a charm!)

    No more hesitating trying different combos! This guide is all that you need!

    Tried one? Comment below (AKA, keep the conversation going)!

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