hi, i’m jade madison!

small business owner, lifestyle + personal blogger

Ever since 2017, I’ve been blogging on and off about life. I’ve found so much joy in sharing thoughts and ideas that, in 2021, I just had to revamp my blog and take it full time! Designing the site and coming up with post ideas has been so fun and neat. I’m really glad to be here and to be doing this!

You’re probably wondering about the photo of myself with a bunch of boxes. The answer? I have a small business! I customize reusable products to sell and help people make the switch. You can shop on our website or our Etsy. It’s been my pride and joy since December 2020 and I do all the operations for it: marketing, customer service, order fulfillment, finances, etc.

A big thing about myself that I don’t get to often share – but love to! – is that I’m vegetarian! I’ve not eaten meat in 3+ years as part of my personal effort to be kinder to the Earth and to the animals. Overtime, it’s been nice to see the world open up to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles but sometimes my only options at restaurants are salads. I hope vegetarianism and veganism become more mainstream in a polite way as part of sustainability efforts.

According to my LinkedIn, I’m also…

  • Head of Customer Support
  • Order Fulfillment Manager
  • Marketing Manager


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